Papīra (tyvek) kontroles aproces, 25x250mm, gaiši dzeltenas

kontroles aproces pasākumiem
materiāls - tyvek
viegli aiztaisāmas
nevar nodot citai personai
izmērs - 250 mm x 25 mm
viena vienība - 100 gab.
noplēšams pasaknis, ideāli priekš izlozēm, loterijām vai bezmaksas dzērieniem.

no 100 gb. = EUR 0.11/gb.
no 2000 gb. = EUR 0.10/gb.
no 5000 gb. = EUR 0.09/gb.
no 10000 gb. = EUR 0.07/gb.
no 20000 gb. = EUR 0.06/gb.
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These identification wristbands with a tear off numbered stubs are great for raffles and draws.
Dimensions: 2,5 cm x 25 cm

With Stub Wristbands you can get a better overview of the ticket sales, special privileges (sauna, restaurant, conference etc.), services that require age limit or many other possibilities, where visual identifying is needed.

- Recommended for 1-3 day events, clubs, baths, aquaparks and festivals
- Dual stock sequential numbering
- Waterproof and tear resistant
- Can be customized (imprint text, logo, or promotion on the wristband), with imprinting advertisement on the wristbands, you can decrease your expenses
- Very strong adhesive die cut, that makes impossible to remove the wristbands without destruction
- Extra services (free drink, raffle) can be easily controlled

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